Event Staff

At Supreme Event, we know that a truly successful event starts way before the linens, flowers, and lighting. For each event, we designate a team of staff to ensure that your special day is a smashing success. Here’s what our event staff consists of:

Day of Full Event Manager

Our client’s wishes are our commands! And we dedicate a whole army of enthusiasts to make sure all your aspirations about your event come true. We work in sync with our clients to ensure that their vision is a reality on the day of their event. From paying vendors to providing timely deliveries, we take care of the tiniest details for you.

Full-Service Event Planner

A good event manager treasures your events as much as you do. Our team dives into your creativity bubble to execute every little detail possible. Be it making a Pinterest theme into reality, or adjusting the theme of your choice into your budget; Supreme Event excels at all.

Party Staff Captain

All of your planning can go down the drain if you lack proper management on the day of the event. Our party staff captain will be your go-to person for any problems, directing the staff, ensuring timelines are met and any other general needs. The party staff captain is your personal event manager.

Wait Staff

During your event, our friendly and professional wait staff will keep up the dining area. Our wait staff can maintain the entire room, fill drinks, bus tables, prep buffet lines and keep all the tables clean by clearing away any waste. At Supreme Event, we will support all the rental equipment and prep it for pick-up, all while providing five-star services to you and your valuable guests.  Towards the end of your event, our wait staff leaves the venue looking cleaner than it was when we arrived. ​


Our bartending service is ideal for all occasions, whether it is a wedding, private house parties, theme parties or corporate events – you just name it!
Do you want to spend more time catering to your guests rather than enjoying your own event?  Don’t be the one behind the bar anymore.  Supreme Event Staffing provides professional bartenders for your event. Sit back, enjoy and order a drink from a professional and trained bartender who is there to cater to you and your guests.


Typically, many people think of a busboy as someone who cleans tables and washes them down. But they are much more than that. They do not only clean tables, empty trash cans and pick up after spills; they can get drinks for your guests and are very hospitable. At Supreme Event Staffing, our busser can also help greet your guests and guide them to their designated areas.


Whether it’s a family affair, a birthday party, a corporate event, debut or wedding reception, you can count on a talented and passionate host to add life and fun to your most significant moments. Supreme Event Staffing has all the secrets to make sure that your party keeps the guests together until the end, ensuring they have a great time from start to finish!

Grill Master

Let our grill master handle all the food preparation, cooking, and grilling. Our professional grill chefs will cater your event and use their skills of grilling with specified items to be grilled.