“By the power granted to me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.”

This is perhaps one of the most meaningful, beautiful and emotional moment of any wedding. When you are officially pronounced “Husband and Wife”, a glorious celebration of the joyful union of you and your life partner.

So why should it be like any other bride and groom’s moment? A certified and experienced officiant can craft a unique ceremony and make the day more memorable for not just you and your partner but for your guests as well.

Some of our service includes:

  • Face-To-Face Consultation
  • Selection of Wedding Vows or Custom Designed Vows
  • Coordinate the Processional
  • Script of The Wedding Ceremony
  • Unlimited Consultations Via Email
  • Coordinate the Ceremony with The Photographer, Video, DJ
  • + more services available